Touring 101 - Get Started On The Road

Touring 101 : 6 full days / 48+ Hours of hands-on & classroom training in Nashville. All the essentials to get you prepared to start working on a tour.

  • 6 days long
  • Full days of classes / hands-on training & experiences (9am-6pm)
  • Lunch and dinner provided each class day

48+ hours of teaching and hands on training designed to give you the skills and knowledge you need to start working on a tour as an intern, tech, or assistant in any of the following areas:

  • Basic Stagecraft
  • Audio
  • Lighting
  • Video
  • Stage Managing
  • Production Management
  • Tour Management
  • Merchandise

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Here are some additional benefits you’ll get from Touring 101:

1) We are going to connect you to tours and events looking for people.

We are opening the door for you to get started in the industry - you may not realize how big a deal that is, but you need to know that can be one of the biggest roadblocks to getting started, even if you have a background in production or special events.

We connect everyone who comes through the Touring 101 course with tours and/or companies looking to fill positions.

2) Besides the practical knowledge and skills you’ll learn, we’ve assembled a team of experts in these areas - each with years of touring career experience - who will teach on their area of expertise and share keys for success in this industry.

This is the stuff we wish we had been told when we got started. Information to give you a foundation for a long and healthy career, and give you an advantage moving forward in the music business.

These are also things people who hire you will notice and love that you already “get it.” Practical behind the scenes knowledge of how this industry works, how to interact with artists, bands, crews, management, what to do and what not to do, touring etiquette - things most people have to pick up over years of working in this industry.

3) A connection to a community that will grow with you as you move forward in the industry. One of our goals is to help people stay connected to healthy community and see people being mentored into the industry. You’re going to make your first connections with us. Graduates can email us with questions as you continue your journey, and our plan is to have additional courses available for you to continue your growth and training into more specialized roles. We want to see you succeed!


We are offering the 6 full days (48+ hours) of training for $2,450.00

 For $2,450 you get:

  • The training you need to get started. *Lunch & Dinner provided each class day
  • Plus, connections to help get you started.
  • Plus, keys for success and a head start with knowledge that normally takes years of working on the road to figure out.

We believe that if you really want to get started in the live entertainment and touring industry, we can’t think of a better way to do it than this course. We wish an opportunity like this had been available when we were starting out, and we know the impact this will have on you and your career if you really want to get out on the road. We want to make this the best value we can for you so that you’ll make the decision to get started now.

So what are you waiting for? Register now and join us for Touring 101 so we can get you the training you need and the connections it takes to open the door for you to get out on a tour!

Registration Process: Registration is not yet open for the next course.

Here is what the application process looks like:

1) Start the application process by purchasing the "Application Process for Touring 101" product. When you do this it will create an account for you on this site and under the "My Courses" tab in the menu, you'll find "Application Process". Click on that item and you'll be given the details for how to complete the following steps. If you already had an account, you'll see the new item just as described above.

2) Submit application questionaire.

3) Submit letters of reference from 2 references along with their email & phone numbers so we can contact them.

4) Interview (Probably via Skype or phone).

5) Agree to a background check.

6) We'll notify you of your status. Once cleared to be a part of the course, you'll need to submit payment on our website. You can do a one time payment or multiple payments.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the goal of this course?

The goal of this course is for you to learn the basic skills needed in the areas of production and tour management to be able to go out on the road and start working in an entry level position.

What do class sizes look like?

Class size limited to 10 participants to maximize hands-on training and individual learning.

Where and when do classes and training take place?

Classes are held in the Nashville, Tennessee area and will take place from 9am until 6pm, six consecutive days in a row.

What you should expect from Touring 101:

In a nutshell: We want to teach you what we wish everyone knew before they hit the road with us on their first tour as a production tech or tour management assistant. The practical knowledge to jump in and work in any area and be an asset, plus the best practices, etiquette, and knowledge of how touring life works. The things you don't usually learn until you've been on the road awhile.

We also focus on the people skills and relationship building side of working in this industry and will help you start building connections that you wouldn't normally begin with on your own. We connect our graduates with tours and companies looking to fill positions.

We connect our graduates with tours and companies looking to fill positions.

We take this a step further for graduates of Touring 101 who distinguish themselves by consistently showing:

- A solid grasp of concepts taught and proficiency in the coursework.

- The interpersonal skills needed to be successful in this industry.

- Good character.

- Commitment to grow and willingness to learn and be mentored.

For graduates who distinguish themselves with the above listed qualities, we will personally connect you with tour managers, production managers, and/or production companies and recommend you for positions that would be a good fit. We want to be a resource to you throughout the process of getting out on tour. 

What you should not expect from Touring 101:

You should not expect to leave Touring 101 with training to be a FOH engineer, Lighting Director, Tour Manager or other more specialized role. There will be additional opportunities and courses available for individualized training for specific roles that require more in-depth training and mentoring.

You should also not expect that attending these classes guarantees that you will be immediately working on the road. 

Let's be real about this. Not everyone who has the technical ability for this line of work has the people skills needed to be successful in this industry, and the opposite can also be true. There are tests throughout the course to assess each participant's abilities and strengths and to determine areas to improve upon. At the end of the course, we typically connect each graduate to talk about their experience at the Touring Academy, discuss their future plans, and give them recommendations and advice for moving ahead. If we are confident in recomending them for a position, we will let them know. If we don't feel confident that they are ready for a position on the road, we will tell them so and give recommendations for moving forward. Our goal is to see each individual who comes through the Touring 101 course be successful in this industry.

Are there any prerequisites or requirements for students?


There is an application process that includes an interview, references, and be willing to have a background check completed. There is a $50 application fee that is required to be paid, references received, application and interview process completed, and approved before being accepted as a participant in Touring 101. The application fee is non-refundable.

All course participants must agree to a background check and give us 2 references to contact. We require this because we cannot recommend or place students and graduates backstage, on a tour bus, or out on a tour without having knowledge of their character and any issues in their life history that could be problematic. For example, a criminal record can inhibit your ability access some venues or to travel internationally and a tour would need to have knowledge of this ahead of time.

We do not have prerequisite technical skill requirements, but we do expect that you would have an understanding of some of the skills needed if you are considering going on the road as a career choice.

This class is open to adults ages 18 and up who are either U.S. citizens or lawfully in the U.S.A. Keep in mind that immigration status could have a bearing on your ability to tour. Contact us first if you are considering coming to this training from outside the U.S.A. or if you are not a permanent resident. People have come through this course from another country.

Participants in this course are responsible for their own housing, transportation, etc. while attending this training. If you would like some suggestions, contact us and we'll see if we can point you towards some resources. Lunch, dinner, snacks and water are provided on class days for the six day intensive course.

Do I have to pay 100% of the cost when I register online, or can I make multiple payments?

We offer a few options for payments:

One-Time Payment
Multiple monthly payments (full payment required before the course starts).

Full payment is required in order to successfully graduate this course, and if it isn't received the participant will lose all access to the course as well as benefits outlined in the course - including connections to tours / opportunities.

Contact us if you want to talk about anything regarding this. 1-615-522-2772 (call or text).

Who do I talk to if I have more questions?

Click on our "Contact Us" page. You can call us or email. We are happy to talk to you!

Here is how the checkout process works:

Click which payment option you'd prefer (The blue dot will show the selected option), then click the "Purchase" button. On the next page, enter your payment info. - Thanks!

If you are using a coupon code, enter it and and click "Apply" to see the adjusted pricing. You will see the cost change, then enter your payment info.


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